What is Digital Marketing

We all know that today’s era is digital.  When the era is digital then marketing will also be digital which means digital marketing.  If you do not know what digital marketing is, then perhaps you are a little behind others.  No problem, now that you have come to the Google Tips And Trick blog, then you will get full information about digital marketing that too in Hindi.  But all the information will be available when you are complete and practice practically.

There used to be a time.  When people used to go from house to house telling about their product.  But this type of strategy is not perfect in today’s time because it is a waste of time and money is also lost.


What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is called that art by using which you can get your customer through online and digital marketing.  Friends, now you must be wondering what is online and digital marketing and what are the 2 things in it.

such as social media such as Facebook,

Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, …..etc, and the list goes on and on.

Let us now move on to the next question, our next question is-


Why is digital marketing important in the coming times?

If we talk about 20-30 years ago from today, it would not be wrong at all to say that people of that time used to consume their content through TV, Newspaper, Magazines, and Radio, but friends are not like this anymore.  Yes, now there have been many changes inside the people, let’s know what kind of change I am talking about – in today’s time people spend most of their time on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Linkedin, and they are on Facebook, Instagram,  Along with his friends and family on Twitter, LinkedIn, -2 film’s heroine and cricketer -2 people from other countries are also present, all this work is called digital marketing.


 The main parts of digital marketing are as follows

1. SEO

2. SMO

3. Paid Ads

4. Analytics


To understand all the above parts, we have to understand the definitions given below one by one.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization): – How do we optimize our website or blog, post creatively, and what activities should be done for this to rank our website  Yes, we do all this in this.  And this is also the basis of digital marketing, if only this is understood, even then we can promote our website on Google and bring ranking.


SEO has two parts

  1. On-Page SEO
  2. Off-Page SEO


SMO: – (Social Media Optimization) – You are very well familiar with websites that are known as social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, YouTube, etc.  So we do all this to promote on such a website, how to use hashtags (#), etc.

Paid Ads – Paid Ads (Google Adwords, Facebook Paid Ads, Classified Paid Ads, etc.) – Whatever we get by paying money online, we call it Paid Marketing, we get all the information about Paid Marketing in this section  Huh.

Analytics – After understanding the above three parts, when we do them practical, we add analytics to our website through a code so that we can see the complete analysis of our website such as how many people viewed our website, and who  In this section we learn more about the product page, how many impressions are increasing, what to improve or not.


Importance of Digital Marketing

Today people have become attached to the internet in such a way that they are using the internet for every small task to big things.

In today’s time, people have a shortage of time, due to which they buy any goods or services online, they do not go out for it, now that era is gone when companies used to tell people, people know the same things.  Today’s people take out all the information from themselves through the internet and can identify their good and bad.

In today’s days, if you ask to meet someone, they do not have time, but they can easily meet and talk on social media, all this is helping Digital Marketing to make its place in today’s world.  have been

Nowadays people do not blindly trust the brands of any company, they trust only those brands who understand their problem, give them the right solution and give them valuable products.  Due to all these circumstances, today all the companies are resorting to digital marketing to increase their trust.



 how to learn digital marketing?

If your friends also want to learn digital marketing or want to do any digital marketing course, then I would like to tell you that many such institutes do digital marketing courses but I would like to tell you that the institutes which are there are some  There are good ones and some are not good.

So whenever you go to join the course, then definitely find out whether the institute in which you are taking admission is a partner of Google or not.  If that institute is a partner of Google, then they will also provide you with a good course and can also become certified.

Friends, I would like to tell you that apart from this, there are many such ways from where you can learn digital marketing, such as there are some websites where you can join the course of digital marketing by paying some money, but find out the right course.  Even before joining.

And friends, if you are short of money and if you cannot take admitted to any institute nor do you have enough money to buy a paid course, then I would suggest you do digital marketing from the best teachers in the world.  If you learn then you must be wondering who are these teachers.

Those who will teach you digital marketing for free, then friends, it is someone else, it is Google and YouTube, from where you can learn everything, just you people need to have a little patience.

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